Inge Hol Coaching

Inge Hol is a personal finance coach for female Dutch entrepreneurs. She previously had a website that she had made herself but was looking for something more professional. Whilst she is mostly active on Instagram, Inge needed somewhere to send her clients so they could find out more about her coaching services and see things like her testimonials, podcast, books, workshops, etc.

What Inge had to say:

Inge Hol“Patrick has done a fabulous job designing my website and I’m really pleased with the outcome! Before working with Patrick, I had already designed my own website and I put off paying for a “real” website as long as I could. But when I became more serious about my business I also knew that my website needed to be more professional with a new look and feel. And I am so glad I did, it really makes such a big difference! When before I had a website because I simply felt I should have one, it now acts as the central hub of my business while also being my online business card. I am really proud of it, which means I actually refer to it all the time in emails and social media to send people to.
From the very beginning Patrick has been incredibly helpful guiding me through the process of making decisions. The information he asked for at the very beginning really helped us both to focus and get down to business quickly. At the same time I was also pleased with how independent Patrick was. I thought I was going to need to be involved and check much more, but he used to do big chunks of work at a time and then ask for my feedback and opinion, which felt nice as I wasn’t needed to check every single thing but was also able to indicate changes if I wanted them on a regular basis. I was also worried it would be an issue that my website was in a different language (Dutch), but that didn’t seem to cause any problems.
I didn’t just want a simple website, but also really needed certain integrations set up smoothly so that I didn’t have to fiddle around with things in the background myself every week. Patrick has integrated not just my instagram feed but also my latest podcast episodes and webinar forms, which all adds to the streamlined process.
I can’t thank Patrick enough for his work and the fabulous website he’s created for me. I really believe this is going to make such a difference to my business and it was 100% worth the investment for me.”

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