Services to Boost Your Business

Website Design

I design and develop websites for small businesses that position them to succeed in an interconnected world.

WordPress, eCommerce, CMS, I’ve got you covered. I have lots of experience doint it and, most importantly, I build them the right way: reliable, fast, scaleable, and with your needs as top priority. 

Digital Marketing

If the internet isn’t helping you, it’s hindering you. Do you want take control of the power of the web and get your brand out there?

I design and deliver affordable marketing strategies that allow your  business to be found by potential clients. 

Hosting + Maintenance

Did you think that once you have a website that it’s? Unfortunately it’s not that simple. If you want your website to grow you leads you need to nurture it. If you want it to be safe from hacking, you need to protect it. 

I help many of my clients all by doing all of this technical work in the background so they can focus on their actual business. Let me help you sleep easy at night. 

I.T. Solutions for Small Business

I’ve always been one of those people who was fascinated and had a good handle on technology. Wherever I went or worked I’ve always acted like the resident I.T. guy helping out with whatever issues there were.

Over the years I’ve transferred this skill to helping out small business with their potential tech-needs. Want to know if there is a programme out there that does X, I need help because my computer keeps doing Y, is there a way I can integrate A and B. Rather than trying to do it yourself (and making it worse) why not let me help?


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