WebsiteHosting & Maintenance

Rest easy knowing that your website is safe, secure and working hard.

After all that time spent making sure that your website has been designed to look good and gain your customers, the last thing you want is for something to happen that breaks it! 

My website care plans are designed to give you the ease of mind that they are constantly protected and optimized so that not only are they secure, but also constantly updated and optimized so they work hard for you. Check out our plans below. 

There’s more to having a website than just having it made. It needs constant work so that’s why clients hire me to boost their website so it works hard to get clients and sales.

The Benefits of Managed Care

Managed Hosting

All of our plans include managed web hosting on servers that are configured specifically for WordPress. This keeps things in a controlled environment where we can better serve you, your website and your visitors.

SSL Certificate

SSL isn’t just for e-commerce anymore. It’s important for website security. In fact, Google gives SSL-enabled websites precedence in search results. I include SSL for all websites hosted with me.

24/7 Support

If you are one of my plans, you're covered! Whenever you have an issue with your website or need some support I'm there to help and make sure that any issues are solved quickly.

Monthly Tasks

The reality that most people find themselves in is that once their website has been designed they want to continue tweaking or changing it. As part of my plans I include some time to make content changes or other minor design adjustments.

Website Security

Keeping your website safe and secure is essential. I include security software with all websites and my servers are equipped with hardware and software that pro-actively monitor and protect your website from malware and other threats 24/7.

Performance Optimization

I monitor and regularly do optimization tasks on all websites on my plans to make sure that your website is working at peak performance to keep it loading quickly and working the way it should.


Backup, backup, backup — three of the most important words in tech today. I offer both local server-side and remote backups for the utmost in security. If anything happens to your website I can quickly restore it to an earlier state and problem solved!

Monthly Reports

While you don't want to have to worry about or actually need to do any of the work on your website. I still send on reports each month to my clients so they can see the difference it's making along with some interesting statistics.

Software Updates

Software needs to be updated, including the software that powers your website. It’s critical that you protect your website from spammers, hackers, malware and other malicious entities by applying the latest updates for WordPress.

Website Care Packages



"Just the basics"
50 Monthly
  • Premium Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Core Upgrades
  • Software & Plugin Updates
  • Security Scanning
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitor
  • Unlimited Maitenance Support
  • Daily Backup


"Your website looked after by me"
80 Monthly
  • Premium Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Core Upgrades
  • Software & Plugin Updates
  • Security Scanning
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitor
  • Unlimited Maitenance Support
  • Daily Backup
  • E-Commerce Support
  • Monthly Report
  • 2 Hours of Changes


"Get the most of your website"
150 Monthly
  • Premium Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Core Upgrades
  • Software & Plugin Updates
  • Security Scanning
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitor
  • Unlimited Maitenance Support
  • Daily Backup
  • E-Commerce Support
  • Monthly Report
  • Advanced Report
  • 6 Hours of Changes
  • Monthly Consultation & Training Call

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Maintenance Plans

You can select to either pay for the subscription monthly or annually (with a discount). All subscriptions are signed up for and paid through the secure Paypal system. 

This means that it's easy to use and you are using a system that you know you can trust. 

Included in support contract I offer two types of maintenance bundled in the packages.

1. Maintenance Support
2. Changes

Regular Maintenance would include things such as: updating plugins, updating WordPress core, fixing any hack issues, doing backups, monitoring site speed etc. This type of maintenance is performed without any intervention from you. On average per month, we will spend an unmonitored amount of time, usually, this is about 5-10 hours per month performing these regular maintenance tasks. This also includes any work needed if, in the unlikely event, something were to happen to your website and it needed fixing. 

Changes  would include custom requests from you such as: adding google analytics, adding a page to your site, liaising with third-party providers, editing photos etc. Changes are limited to 2 hours per month on the Perform plan and 6 hours on the Accelerate plan.

If you need more hours and you are on the premium or elite plan, you can access a special discounted rate of €20 an hour for additional time.

No. Each month you will have your allocated number of hours for changes to be made. If they aren't used that month then they will be lost (although I tend to be flexible. Otherwise I could have clients build up all of their hours for one month and I would have no time available for everyone else! 

The whole purpose of my care plans is  to prevent from anything from happening! 

However, in the case something does happen and your website needs emergency care, I will be there right by its side communicating with the web hosting company on your behalf. I can’t promise your website won’t be hacked (nobody can!) but I can promise that I will do everything in my power to prevent it, as well as assist in the restoration and cleanup of the website with one of our backups.

No. My Care Plans have evolved over years to support WordPress websites and their particular issues and idiosyncrasies. I provide years of experience in working with WordPress and simply would not be able to provide as high a quality in service to provide maintenance plans for another platform or system.

Of course! I prefer to use my own tried and tested host, but if you prefer to use your own then I will contact the hosting provider to make sure it will fit your needs.


Yes, I don't tie you into a contract. I want to built a relationship with you and the website that the plan applies to. However, I completely understand financial constraints.

As long as your account with us is fully paid for a given month/year, you can cancel with us during that period and we will provide the service until the end of the month/year.

All cancellations can be done by entering into your Paypal account and cancelling there, or emailing me to ask for the cancellation. 


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