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Patrick Alvarez is a professional website design & digital marketing consultant. I’m a one-stop shop that helps small businesses succeed in an online world.  

Maria Del Peso InSpirente
Maria - "Patrick is a seasoned professional with a pragmatical, final user-centric approach. When setting up my own business, Patrick offered me agile solutions to quickly kick off and grow."
Inge Natalie Hol
Inge - "He is incredibly dedicated to his each and every one of his projects and I can highly recommend him as a very professional person to anybody."
Spark Languages
Penelope Eades - Translation Pros
Penelope - "He was fantastic to work with and guided me through the entire process. His commitment and continued support is excellent. Thank you, Patrick, for all your hard work!"
Translation Pros
Douglas Haines TECS
Douglas - "We went from having a web which was an effort to maintain and a pain for candidates to navigate, to having one of the best employment websites out there"
Jason Bryan ROCCO
Jason - "From security, optimisation and design he always finds creative solutions. I trust him to look after and support these websites because he always does his research, has a strong knowledge of the compatibility of themes, widgets and plugins and he cares for the end product."
Denis Flores - Test Your Resilience
Denis - "From the outset, Patrick was clear and precise in managing my expectations and very efficient in delivering the product... I must also commend Patrick on his open and creative approach. I recommend him to anyone wishing to create an attractive and operational site."
Test Your Resilience

My Digital Marketing Experience:

Website Design

Do you need a new website? Or do want your existing website redesigned? Well look no further.

Digital Marketing

Boost your marketing with things like social media, paid advertising, content, SEO, email and more.

Hosting + Maintenance

Once you've got a website off the ground you need someone to keep it running, safe and optimized!


Do you want to be able to sell online? You can have a shop totally online or add the feature your business.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of getting your website to be seen first on search engines.

Paid Advertising

I can build paid marketing campaigns that produce the best results: PPC (Pay-per-click), Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,...

My Work

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