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Free Guide to High-Converting Coaching Websites

A Guide To High-Converting Coaching Websites Whether you have a website that you DIY’d when you first started your business, you are currently trying to …

Why is Patrick Alvarez the best website designer for coaches? guides

Why is Patrick Alvarez the Best Web Designer for Coaches?

As you’ll have seen in my post 7 reasons why coaches MUST have a website, all coaches need a website in order to stand out …

7 Reasons Why Coaches Need a professional website design coaching website

7 Reasons Why Coaches Need A Professional Website

What is the most challenging aspect of your coaching business?

If you are like most coaches out there, then you are going to answer:

Getting clients!

Check out these 7 reasons why coaches MUST have a professional website design in order to get more clients

The process I used to decide on specializing in website design for coaches niche

Why I design websites for coaches

Why I chose website design for coaches I’ve been running my freelance web design company for a couple of years now. Whilst I’ve been developing …


Enough with the excuses

I don’t have enough clients to justify a website for my business yet… My coaching business doesn’t need a website at this stage… I’ll make …

agency mavericks

Agency Mavericks Digital Business Consultant Certification

I’m a certified Digital Business Consultant! Although I have loads of experience with website design and development, for a while I’ve felt that I wanted …

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A Guide to Proper Image Use on Your Website

This is an easy-to-use guide to proper image use on your website. I will cover both what types of images are best to use aswell as some technical aspects.


Featured Article: 7 Steps to Creating a Great Recruitment Website

This is an article that was published in the May 2018 edition of the camp business magazine about how creating a great summer camp recruitment website.


Web Design: Should You Hire A Freelancer Or Agency?

The pros and cons of hiring a freelance web designer or a website agency for your projects.


10 Most Important Plugins for a WordPress Websites

A list of what I feel are the 10 most important plugins that every WordPress website should have.

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